The number of ads you can show has been limited. For details go to the Policy center.

How to solve the problem of the number of ads that you can display is limited on google adsense blogger because of invalid traffic problems? Before answering this question, every blogger must have experienced this unpleasant incident. This event of limiting the number of ads that can be displayed starts the first time you get a notification from adsense. More or less the content of the ad restriction notification is like this.

The number of ads you can display has been limited. Go to the policy center for details.
When a blogger gets a notification like that, he will definitely feel very disappointed, maybe even sad or angry. It must be mixed feelings, angry, sad, disappointed, lost enthusiasm and so on.

Limiting the number of ads that can be displayed like that has often happened so it is very common and familiar among bloggers. For a master blogger, this certainly won’t be a hassle because they already have their own way of dealing with it.

However, what about beginner bloggers like me? Limiting the number of ads will certainly be a big problem for me, maybe even other bloggers.
After searching for various kinds of tutorial article references on google, it turns out that there are a lot that discuss this topic. However, almost all articles that I have read have almost the same explanation, although there are a few differences. Thus, it can be concluded that there is only one way to solve such problems.

Of course, my experience when dealing with the problem of limiting adsense ads will not stop with me. I will share this experience with other bloggers as well. However, before we discuss the steps on how to overcome this ad restriction problem, it’s a good idea to first know what causes ads to be limited due to invalid traffic problems. Here’s a full explanation.

Causes of Restricted Ads Due to Invalid Traffic

There are several reasons why the number of ads that can be displayed has been limited on the google adsense blogger account. Some of them are as follows:

Click Bomb

When your blog gets a click bomb from nosy people, this will cause Adsense to detect invalid traffic on your blog. The impact of this click bomb is that the number of ads that can be displayed on our blog is limited or even worse, our adsense account will be banned.
Before this limitation on the number of ads that can be displayed occurs, you must install a click-bombing script on your blog. By  installing a script bomb click adsense ads on blogger . hopefully your blog will avoid the click bomb. Now let’s move on to the next discussion again.

Click Your Own Ads

If you feel that your blog income is too long and small and then you try to increase your income by clicking on your own ads, then that action is suicide. Why is that? It is very clear that google adsense repeatedly says that adsense ad publishers are strictly forbidden to click on their own ads. by clicking on your own ads means you are trying to kill yourself because your adsense account will be banned or disabled for good. Terrible isn’t it? Therefore you must be patient in living the profession as a blogger. 

Cooperating with Third Parties

One more thing that makes the number of ads that can be served is limited on blogger adsense accounts is working with third parties. Cooperating with third parties here means that you ask other people to click on your own ads with the lure that you will reward them.
Of course this violates community guidelines and your adsense account can be banned and cannot be returned. Therefore, don’t ever try to cooperate with other people!
After you know the reason why the number of ads that can be served has been limited on the blogger adsense account, the next step is troubleshooting. To solve the problem is actually almost the same as written by other bloggers. However, here I want to clarify the tutorial using a lighter language so that you can easily apply it to your blog.

How to solve the number of ads that can be displayed is limited

If you want to immediately end the limitation on the number of ads that can be displayed, please follow the following steps.

  • Remove Ads

One of the most frequently suggested ways by some other bloggers to get around the limit on the number of ads is to uninstall all ad scripts. In my opinion, this method is also mandatory for you to try because basically, even if you don’t remove it, the ad will be blank or not appear.

Of course, blank ads will greatly affect your blog traffic. Blog visitors will not want to see blank ads and then they will leave your blog and will look for other blogs.

  • Regular Article Updates

The second way to solve this problem is to update articles regularly. The purpose of writing content on a regular basis is nothing but to bring in more traffic. In addition, Adsense publishers who always update their articles regularly will be more liked by Google than those who rarely update their article content. So, in my opinion, this method is also mandatory for you to try to convince Google that your blog traffic is valid.

  • Submitting Application

After you have done the two methods, there is a final way you can do to overcome the ad restriction problem. The trick is to send a request to Google. For how to create and submit the application form, please refer to the following steps.

How Long Ads Are Restricted

After you do the three methods that I have mentioned above, your problem will not automatically be resolved. There is a time limit determined by Google to solve the problem. Google has made it clear to the adsense help center that ad restrictions due to invalid traffic will be resolved in less than 30 days or even more. The point can be less than 30 days or even more than 30 days depending on your blog traffic. So, to solve this problem you have to be patient and wait for the next 30 days.
Don’t forget also that you must always update your articles so that the traffic review process on your blog does not take more than 30 days. In dealing with this problem, the point is that you have to be patient, blogger friends.