Limit Balance

What is the limit balance?

Balance limit is a limit on how much you can save the balance in your account.

Does it matter?

Limit Balance is very influential. If your balance has reached the limit according to your Balance Limit. Then your miners will stop and your balance will be subject to a fine, which is a deduction of the balance as a network fee.

How to handle it?

You must withdraw before your balance reaches the limit. Because we do not facilitate the storage of your balance.

Can I upgrade my limit balance?

you can increase the Limit Balance in a way

  1. Withdraw min 10 times per day
  2. Make a deposit mining speed with a calculation of 1/1000 deposit. This means that every time you do 1 DOGE / BTC / BCH / LTC you will get a 0.001 bonus limit balance.
  3. Buying a limit balance (currently only available for DOGE)