3 Fun WhatsApp Features, from Chat Pins to Making GIFs


Everyone is certainly familiar with WhatsApp. This chat application is one of the most widely used for exchanging messages.

But, did you know that this app has several features and tips to improve your messaging experience?

To make virtual conversations more exciting, here are some WhatsApp features that you should know.

Pin WhatsApp chat

Every user has a different purpose in using WhatsApp. This of course makes many chats from different contacts pile up in one application. So many, some important chats easily sink between new chats .

To make it easy to find important chats, you can pin or pin them on WhatsApp.

It’s easy, you just need to long press on the chat you want to pin . Then, you will see a pin icon at the top. After that, click on the icon and the chat will always be at the top of the chat list.

Make GIFs on WhatsApp

WhatsApp can send GIF images from Tenor and Giphy. But, did you know that you can also create your own version of the GIF from the videos you save in your gallery?

The trick, before sending a video, you usually see the editing screen. Well, here edit the video duration to six seconds or less, then select the GIF option on the screen. Voila ! Your short video has been successfully sent as a GIF.

For the record, GIF videos can only be made with a duration of six seconds or less.

Hide WhatsApp Web notifications

When using WhatsApp, you often get continuous notifications from WhatsApp Web.

To get rid of this notification, you can open your phone’s settings, then look for WhatsApp in the application section. After that, select notifications and disable the ‘more notifications’ button and notifications from WhatsApp Web will disappear.